Gavrel Furs is located in:
The Village at Camp Bowie
 6333 Camp Bowie Blvd. Suite 216 * Fort Worth, TX 76116 * 817-335-3877
This website was last updated on 06/14/2020

Fur Restyling

Gavrel Furs is one of a very few true furriers left in the business. We have our own skilled staff to work on your furs. What does this mean to you?

1. You eliminate the middle man. Most "so called" furriers today will be happy to restyle your fur, but they send it off to a New York furrier to have the work done! You pay double!
2. Experience. Our workers have been trained in fur manufacturing techniques and fur finishing.
3. Support your local economy. Why have your fur sent to New York when you can have quality work done at home.
4. Safety. Anything can happen to your fur when it is sent away to be restyled.
Minimize mistakes. Since we take your measurements and discuss the job with you, we can get it done right.
   And in the case an alteration must be made, you don't have to wait for it to be sent back to New York and then returned again!

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